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Navigational Systems

Navigational Systems

Street Sounds have been at the forefront of navigation installation since its introduction to the industry in the mid 90’s. Back then Alpine introduced the NO55 – a system that used CD’s to store the map information and typically cost in excess of £3000 to supply and install. The more modern systems we use today store their information on a hard drive within the unit, and can not only tell you where to go, but how long the journey will take, if you are likely to encounter traffic hold ups en route and how best to avoid them as well as providing information about speed cameras, local petrol stations, restaurants, shops and even leisure facilities. The fixed in dash systems also offer all the facilities you would expect of a modern hifi system with the option of iPod and USB inputs, built in Bluetooth phone kit or DVD player.


We can supply units from all the primary manufacturers such as Tom Tom and Garmin, but specialise in using products from Alpine, Kenwood and Pioneer to offer you bespoke installations to look as good, if not better than factory installations.


There are two types of navigation product available to the in car market, being the portable type that you simply stick to your windscreen and go, or the fixed in dash type which offers a more permanent secure solution.


The obvious benefit the portable system has is that it can be used in any number of vehicles, and can even be packed in your luggage to navigate you in your hire car when on holiday. They can be powered for a limited time on their own internal battery, or more usually by power taken from the car’s cigarette lighter. At Huets we can make the best of your portable sat nav installation by ‘hard wiring’ the system into the car to make a tidy job of providing power to the unit. We can also integrate the unit into the car by installing a vehicle specific mounting bracket from Brodit, or we have even hidden units behind pockets or in ashtrays for a more secure installation.


The alternative to the portable system is a fixed in dash system. The big advantage with this type of system is that here at Huets we can better incorporate it into the car for a more factory look, avoiding the need for unsightly cables across the dashboard or suckers on your windscreen. A fixed system can also be linked into the vehicles speed pulse which allows for far higher level of accuracy of navigation and to the vehicles handbrake for a safer driving experience. Any number of screen options are available, from slide out single din screens to double din or even bigger!


We have replaced many faulty factory fitted systems, which often works out more economical than trying to replace or repair them with original equipment parts. We can also replace systems in imported cars with like for like UK systems that look as good as the original. With fitted systems we can incorporate accessories such as reversing cameras, DVD players or games consoles into the screen.


Remember also that if you change vehicle we can remove your system and fit it into the next car, and of course reinstall the OE equipment that may have been originally removed.

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