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Alarms & Immobilisers

Alarms & Immobilisers

Vehicle security encompasses a broad spectrum of options, of which we at Street Sounds are well placed to advise what will be the best solution for you. We can supply and install either physical or electronic devices, or a combination of both from a wide variety of manufacturers.


We have been installing conventional alarm systems into cars, LGV’s, HGV’s, caravans and motorhomes for many years. We can offer insurance approved systems to category 1 or 2 as well as non approved systems. We have always stuck to the best quality product we can source and are currently main agents for Clifford, Laserline and Cobra.


Thatcham category 1 gives the highest level of electronic security by using both an alarm system and 2 circuit immobiliser. The alarm will protect all access points to the vehicle and have internal or glass break protection. The alarm siren would have a built in battery back up.

If your vehicle is already equipped with an approved immobiliser, be it factory fitted or after market, we can upgrade using a 2-1 system to give full cat 1 approval.


Thatcham category 2 is simply an immobiliser without the alarm element. We can supply systems that work from either a transponder or touch key to deactivate.

We can incorporate an alarm to work from your vehicles existing OE remote locking device, equally we can supply an alarm that will remotely lock your vehicle on arming the alarm. If your vehicle has no central locking we can install it for you. We have carried out many installations of this type on classic cars and campers.


On larger vehicles we have used PIR’s for internal protection and can supply and fit roller shutter switches for commercial vehicle rear doors. We can add sensors to your existing system to increase the security level, for example using shock or glass break sensors.

We are happy to diagnose faults on existing systems and can offer a service to bypass many OE systems that may have become faulty.


We carry a large stock of remote batteries to cover most manufacturers and can supply the scarce VW Conlog remote type batteries. We can source most replacement remotes and carry many replacement remote cases in stock.


Dead Locks


On the physical side of security we can supply and fit dead locks (electronic or mechanical,) slam locks and security grills for rear windows or bulk heads. We also offer a window tinting service to provide extra physical and visual security.


Tracking Systems


We offer various types but they all work on the same principle that if the vehicle is stolen the device is activated and tracked.


With GPS based trackers (Cobra trak, Smartrack, Trackstar, etc) a secure operating centre can see where the vehicle is, similar to sat nav except they can see it and hence liaise with the Police. (turned left, right, parked in x location Etc) Transmitting devices (Tracker) are different in that a signal is sent from the device when activated and the Police home down on it using equipment fitted to cars.

Both have their pros and cons. We generally think the GPS units are better as they normally offer European coverage and don’t rely on specialised equipment for the police to find it. The main criticism of the GPS devices was that they didn’t work in covered areas (car parks, lock up garages etc) where the car might be put to stop the unit being “seen”. But this is become much less of a problem recently with the technology of GPS receivers moving ahead in leaps and bounds which now don’t need a clear view of the sky to work. The transmitting devices have barely changed in 10years and only transmit for about 5 miles and of course not all police cars have the tracking equipment fitted. The upside is they’ll normally transmit to outside from a underground car park or if the car is in a container. We can also add remote immobilization to some of the GPS products so that by sending a text to the vehicle it won’t restart after the engine is turned off.

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